Bonding Solutions

Joining is an old assembly process to produce goods. In the 'engineering' domain joining or bonding becomes a precision task, with durability and performance under various operating conditions to be sustained. The challenge is more these days with newer materials of construction being specified for various components and products. Metlok brings to you a range of products that you can choose for a variety of bonding, fixing, gluing and joining needs. These are single component instant bonding adhesive for small area bonding and can be used for numerous bonding applications on the assembly floor. The range below differentiates product by chemistry. Metlok also provides specially designed products and primers for bonding substrates having low surface energy.

Types of Bonding Solutions :
Cyanoacrylates Adhesives Anaerobic Adhesives
1K Epoxy Bonding Adhesives 2K Epoxy Bonding Adhesives
Structural Acrylics Hot Melt Adhesives
Rubber Based Bonding Solutions Bonding Silicone Sealant
UV Bonding Adhesives Hybrid Sealants

Metlok today is a leading manufacturer of Indigenous high technology Adhesive and Sealants. Metlok has been consolidating its position as a technological leader in the Indian market for Bonding and Sealing Solutions.


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