Locking Solutions

The accepted solution to prevent loosening is 'Chemical Locking', either in the liquid form or microencapsulated. METLOK brings to you two world class products for you to choose from: the liquid range 'My-T-Lok' Anaerobic Adhesive and the Microencapsulated range 'Precote' which can be pre-applied to your threaded parts before they are used. The pre-applied range also includes non reactive grades which give you what is called the 'loss locking'. These grades are generally used for low tensile fasteners (class below 8.8) and/or for screws or bolts which may require retightening or adjustments during their service life.

Types of Locking Solutions :
Anaerobic Liquid Thread Lockers Pre-Applied Thread Lockers

Metlok today is a leading manufacturer of Indigenous high technology Adhesive and Sealants. Metlok has been consolidating its position as a technological leader in the Indian market for Bonding and Sealing Solutions.


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