Thread Sealing solution

Threaded connections are required to seal gases, compressed air and liquids like hydraulic oil besides water. A designer of machines and equipments has always desired hassle free and reliable sealants for their threaded joints. Traditional 'Teflon Tapes' used for sealing hydraulic connections often shred and block small orifices leading to valve malfunction. Jute twining used for sealing GI pipe joints are not foolproof and must be torque to provide a seal. They also do not prevent corrosion in the fittings. Solvent based sealants are not good as the evaporating solvents leave behind leakage paths as they escape. Metlok brings to you several technologies to seal threaded joints which address the above issues. These include liquids and pastes for low volume and maintenance use and pre applied for high volume production use.

Types of Thread Sealing solution :
Anaerobic Thread Sealing Solutions Pre-Applied Sealants

Metlok today is a leading manufacturer of Indigenous high technology Adhesive and Sealants. Metlok has been consolidating its position as a technological leader in the Indian market for Bonding and Sealing Solutions.


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