Silicones Adhesives

Silicone adhesive sealants are room temperature vulcanizing liquid rubbers, commonly referred to as RTV’s. They are synthetic polymer containing alternate silicone and oxygen atoms as its backbone.

The properties of silicones remain virtually unchanged over wide temperature range. Silicones are nearly inert to chemicals and have excellent resistance to moisture and weathering. However silicon bonds can only be subjected to relatively small mechanical loads. They are used for bonding metal when the low bond strength is offset by the higher flexibility and resistance to temperatures.

Single component silicone adhesives require a humidity of 5% to 95% to cure. Besides the presence of humidity, a temperature of between 5 to 40°C is required to cure the adhesive. The onset of curing is indicated by formation of a skin. Full cures takes place in 24 hours.

Two component silicone require the addition of a curing agent. They are generally of wide range of properties and cure rates. The initial strength and rate of strength build-up is typically higher than moisture cured silicones.



Bonding, Potting and Sealing


Gaskets for engine & transmission


Construction sealants and adhesives


Used for potting and heat sink attachment in electronic applications

Silicone Solutions By Application :
Face Sealing Silicone Sealant Bonding Silicone Sealant
Potting Silicone Sealant  

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